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Legislación de igualdad Workciliais a Human Resources Consultancy specialized in projects which conciliate both the personal and the professional and framed by an Equal Opportunities policy between men and women. Our activity is focused mainly on:
  • GENDER-EQUAL POLICIES: We elaborate and implement programs to reach real equality between men and Women and to eliminate discrimination on the basis of Sex. Our Methodology allows for a in depth diagnosis of the company to design an Equal Opportunity Project appropriate to business strategies. We develop Training and Communication Programs to inform the staff about the project’s measures. We also evaluate its efficacy.

  • CONCILIATING AUDIT: We study the current situation of the company to design conciliating programs. Flexile work times analysts structure flexible work-time projects which we set up and evaluate to follow up its efficacy.

  • CONSULTANCY “COMPANY RESPONSABLE FOR THE FAMILY”: We help your company to obtain the certificate “Company responsible for the family” provided by the Fundación + familia endorsed by the Employment and Social Security Ministry. This Certificate tries to acknowledge companies which develop measures that help conciliating both the personal and the professional; gender equality and attention towards any type of discrimination.

  • FLEXIBLE WORK TIME SELECTION: We organize a selection of applicants willing to work on objectives and who are interested in flexible schedules, contracts or work space. Their profiles are intermediate positions, executives, managers, technicians, ect. who are capable of contributing with much more than a dedicating work. We are the tailors of tailor-made programs.

  • CONCILIATING AND GENDER EQUALITY TRAINING: We will train according to tailor-made programs focus on the study of real needs in those areas that will enable equality and conciliation. We will broke the barriers indoor culture company ( Equality coaching by coach certified by ICF, Cooking workshops, Theatrotherapy, Outdoor training activities). The areas are classified in 3 levels:

    • LEVEL 2: TECHNICAL AND QUANTITATIVE ( specialized in professionals and staff)
    • LEVEL 3: TRANSFORMATIONAL (Equality Coaching)


Año Europeo de la Igualdad de Oportunidades para Todos
2007- Año Europeo de la Igualdad de Oportunidades para Todos
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